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At KJL Motors, we provide van and car repairs for all makes and models of vehicles. Our repairs including timing belts, batteries, clutches, brakes, exhausts, wheel alignment, gearboxes, body works, radiators, engine tuning, ECU remapping, head gaskets and air conditioning repairs. If you need repairs on any aspect of your vehicle, just book online or contact us at KJL Motors. If you’re not sure what repairs you need, just simply select a visual inspection, or call us with the details.

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Timing belt repairs

It is important that your timing belt is replaced at your manufacturers recommended times. This prevents any major damage to your vehicle. At KJL Motors, our mechanics are trained to check your service schedules and handbooks to make sure that you get what is needed for your vehicle. If your timing belt is due to be replaced, make sure you book in before it’s too late and you have to spend loads of money on major repairs.

Free battery and alternator checks

At KJL Motors, we provide a battery and alternator check for free for our customers. If you think that your battery is dying, please do not hesitate to come to KJL Motors for advice and guidance on whether you need car repairs. Our battery check only takes 5 minutes and we’ll check it’s charge and voltage to make sure it’s working to your manufacturer’s specification. We also fit a wide range of vehicle batteries for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. We’ll make sure than any old batteries are disposed of properly.

Clutch and gearbox repair

If you think you’re experiencing problems with your clutch including juddering, vibrations or slipping, then at KJL Motors, our expert technicians are available to provide a free clutch check to see if you need any repairs to your vehicle. If we find a problem, we will contact you with details of the damage and repairs needed, along with a price. We won’t do any work without your approval. At KJL Motors, we also provide a first-class gearbox repair and replacement service. We work will all types of vehicles, repairing existing gearboxes or replacing them with a reconditioned gearbox. We always try to keep expense to you as low as possible, with the best and fastest service available in the Cambridge area.

Exhaust repairs

When your exhaust emission isn’t working properly, it can mean environmentally destructive gas carbon monoxide is being generated by your engine. This can be caused by exhaust failure. A quiet smooth running engine and exhaust system can lead to optimum fuel efficiency and save you money in the long run. At KJL Motors we can supply and fit exhausts for any make and model of vehicles.

Brakes and tyres

We provide a wide range of tyres for most makes and models of vans, cars and light commercial vehicles. When you book online, you’ll be providing us with information about the make and model of your vehicle so we can make sure we find tyres that are suitable for your vehicle. Our inclusive prices mean that there are no hidden costs when we fit and supply tyres. We also provide wheel alignment, balancing and brake repairs too. We’ll align wheels accurately and provide replacements for worn brake pads, shoes, discs and drums to make sure your car is safe on the roads.

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