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At KJL Motors, we provide accurate and efficient wheel alignment checks and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. If you think your wheels are out of line, or your tyres are wearing on one side, then we recommend you get your wheel alignment checked on your tyres.

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Why is wheel alignment important?

It’s important that your tyres are aligned properly as per the manufacturer’s specifications as they are designed to help manoeuvre the car to the best of its ability. If the wheels are misaligned then it can affect the life span of the tyre, costing you more money than is actually necessary. Anything can adjust or alter your wheel alignment, anything from a bump in the road, to speed ramps and large potholes. Even just a slight adjustment to your wheel alignment can have a massive impact on your vehicle.

Benefits of wheel alignment

If your wheels are properly aligned it can prolong the life of your tyres, assist in road holding and help manoeuvre around corners and roundabouts. It increases the lifespan of your vehicle, makes it easy to drive and overall ensures efficient performance.

Four-wheel laser alignment at KJL Motors

At KJL Motors, we use four-wheel laser alignment for accurate wheel alignment on all makes and models of vehicle. We type in your vehicle’s model and manufacturer into the system which provides us with specific alignment targets for your vehicle. We’ll then connect this up to your car and test each wheel making sure they’re set at the right angles. Toe, camber and caster angles are all checked to make sure the wheels are pointing in the right directions set by the manufacturer.

We have the latest equipment in four-wheel laser alignment, ensuring that our processes are quick, efficient and most importantly accurate. The precision of our equipment means that your car tracks properly on the road, ensuring it runs smoothly and does not wear the tyres as much.

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